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Business Growth Specialist

As part of our expansion plan, we are now looking for a Business Growth Specialist (fulltime, mid-level) who will be responsible for growing the client acquisition through multiple campaigns and platforms. Business Growth Specialist will report to the General Manager and will be in charge of delivering qualified leads fundamental to the growth of Wordsmith Group’s business. 

What you’ll do:

    • Develop and launch marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads through social media/digital, events especially web-based, and email marketing.
    • Drive client acquisition and customer upsell opportunities as well as identify new sales and business opportunities toward sustainable growth.
    • Optimizing marketing strategies, implementing business plans and establishing effective networks/relationships.
    • Monitoring revenue streams and identifying opportunities to increase profitability
    • Negotiating and closing business deals

Skill set you should possess:

    • 3+ years of experience in generating sales lead/acquisition especially for the B2B market.
    • High level of understanding of the sales funnel
    • Advanced knowledge of digital marketing strategies, including social media, SEO, and content marketing.
    • CRM experience, and familiarity with email marketing platforms
    • Proven track record of project management such as event marketing (especially web-based) to generate and nurture leads
    • Excellent and compelling communication skills with a great English proficiency

Remuneration includes basic salary, communication and transportation allowance, medical reimbursement (annual), BPJS, Jamsostek & Dana Pensiun, performance-based commision (10% of net margin for every project deal)

Send your CV, cover letter and credential/portfolio to

Deadline: unspecified/on rolling basis (the vacancy simply closes when the position is filled)

Wordsmith Group's Freelancers

Wordsmith Group membuka posisi freelancer sepanjang tahun. 

Berikut ini beberapa posisi freelancer yang kami cari.


Menulis company profile, artikel atau press releases. Para penulis lepas dengan latar belakang jurnalisme dan penulis content boleh mendaftar.

Content Writer

Menulis content untuk website atau social media, yang ditujukan untuk audiens dari klien atau merek.

Penulis Annual Report/Sustainability Report

Menulis laporan tahunan atau laporan keberlanjutan untuk klien yang diawali dengan wawancara, pengumpulan data dan pengolahan data.

Script Writer

Menulis naskah untuk kebutuhan klien misalnya naskah video korporasi, explainer video, iklan, dan produk komunikasi lainnya.


Menerjemahkan manuskrip dan dokumen dari dan ke berbagai bahasa, dan dari berbagai topik. Penerjemah legal, penerjemah tersumpah dan penerjemah bersertifikasi boleh ikut mendaftar. 


Menjadi juru bahasa pada saat konferensi, seminar atau meeting baik luring maupun daring.

UX Writer

Menulis copy untuk aplikasi, website, atau produk digital lainnya yang bertujuan untuk membantu pengguna menavigasi atau menggunakan aplikasi atau produk digital  tersebut.

Penulis Takarir (subtitle)

Menerjemahkan subtitle dari dan ke berbagai bahasa. Pada umumnya project akan berasal dari streaming platform dan rumah produksi.

Ingin bergabung sebagai freelancer di Wordsmith Group? Isi formulirnya di sini. 

Lead Copywriter

We’re looking for a stellar Lead Copywriter (fulltime, permanent-based) with a proven track record as a copywriter with a deep understanding of the ways copy helps clients achieve their goals, as well as the ability to deliver a variety of copies for different audiences, purpose and format.

What you’ll do:

    • Take ownership of copy briefs from clients and translate them according to their campaign objectives
    • Write high quality copies as well as review all copies that generated by junior copywriter and offer feedback when necessary
    • Manage multiple projects, with the ability to switch from one to the other seamlessly
    • Generate and offer creative ideas as well researching relevant industry topics to identify great content
    • Complete timesheets and reports

What we need to see from you:

    • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a copywriting position with extensive clients/portfolio.
    • Demonstrate exceptional grammar, spelling, and sentence structuring skills both in Bahasa Indonesia and English
    • A portfolio of published works
    • Posses a leadership quality
    • Experience in digital marketing or advertising is preferred

Send your CV, cover letter and published works to

Deadline: unspecified/on rolling basis (the vacancy simply closes when the position is filled)

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