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Wordsmith Group continually adapts to developments in our industry. Consequently, we have launched an additional service: ESG-based training. This encompasses Financial Services Authority regulation-based sustainability report writing and GCG implementation training. This service augments our existing offerings, such as language-based training and company establishment services, which include providing local nominee services as a shareholder, director, or commissioner for foreign business sectors that require Indonesian shareholding.

ESG is a key sustainability criterion at local and global levels. This extra service from Wordsmith Group includes ESG-based training needed by many groups and industries. 

Our language-based services are designed to improve your company’s human resources in communication, which is still highly needed in Indonesia.

Besides translation, interpreting, copywriting, and report writing, other services that our clients seek are the production of voice-over and other communication materials, along with local nominee services.


Scope of Wordsmith Group’s Extra Services

  • ESG-based (Environmental, Social, Governance-based) training 
    • The Financial Services Authority regulation-based (POJK-based) sustainability report writing training
    • Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Implementation training
  • Language-based training (Language Coaching)
    • Business Writing Workshop
    • Business Conversation skill
  • Public Speaking 
  • Presentation Skill
  • Voice over
  • Media skills
  • Corporate Service (Business Setup in Indonesia), including local nominee services as a shareholder, director and commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we get further information about the ESG-based training held by Wordsmith Group?

We have done two Financial Services Authority regulation-based (POJK-based) sustainability report writing trainings in 2022. Both were participated by many agencies, companies, and ESG consultants, with Wordsmith Group sustainability report consultant/writer as the speaker. We also held a GCG (Good Corporate Governance) implementation training with a prominent GCG expert in Indonesia as the speaker.

Are the trainings held by Wordsmith Group open to public or customizable?

The ESG-based training we held was open to public, but training like Business Writing Workshop has been customized to our clients’ needs. There is always possibility for us to open more types of trainings for public and customizable ones for our clients.

What is the corporate service of Wordsmith Group?

Wordsmith Group is equipped to assist international entities, such as overseas companies and foreign investors, with the process of establishing a business in Indonesia. If your intended business sector in Indonesia necessitates a local shareholder, director or commissioner,  we can provide professional nominee service through our partnership with a renowned law firm. For more details, please feel free to reach out to us at info@wordsmithgroup.com.

Does Wordsmith Group have in-house trainers?

For sustainability report writing and GCG implementation trainings, we work together with professional and prominent speakers in their respective fields. For language coaching, we have used in-house trainers in all our trainings.

How can the public know when Wordsmith Group holds any training or workshop?

We will post information for trainings that are open for public on our social media, especially Instagram. Follow our account @wordsmithgroup to get updated.   

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