A Team of Interpreters Recognized by Professional Association

The in-house team of interpreters in Wordsmith Group has long experience, especially in interpreting Indonesian to English and vice versa. Many international organizations like CityNet, European Commission, and Transparency International have trusted our team to interpret at their events. Our team is well accustomed to using any interpreting supporting tools, both online and on-site.

Wordsmith Group interpreter team is reliable and trusted to do both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Our team of interpreters are members of the association for interpreters in Indonesia, AICI (Association of Indonesian Conference Interpreters).

The interpreter service of Wordsmith Group can also include SIS devices rent for on-site interpreting, should it be needed.

Steps for Wordsmith Group Interpreting Service

  • Project planning
    • Data collecting/research on the event’s background and supporting materials
    • Assigning of interpreter team
    • Preparation
  • D-Day
    • Interpreting, consecutive or simultaneous
    • The use of platform/SIS device
  • Receiving client’s feedback 
  • Using client’s feedback to uphold the interpreting quality

Wordsmith Group Interpreting Service Preparation Time Standard

  • Receiving interpreting quotation
    • Not less than 5–7 days before event
  • Interpreting event

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting?

A consecutive interpreter is someone who verbally translates the original speaker once the speaker stops or pauses speaking, while a simultaneous interpreter works in real-time and translates non-stop. Whichever type of interpreting services you need, the interpreter team of Wordsmith Group is your go-to. 

How much is the fee for the interpreting service of Wordsmith Group?

The rate varies depending on the duration of interpreting service needed, the number of interpreters needed, and whether the client needs a consecutive or simultaneous service. You can get more complete rate information by sending an email of the brief of your project to 

What events have Wordsmith Group interpreting service supported?

Our team has supported on-site events as interpreters on seminars, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), and conferences, complete with device rental. We have also become interpreters for online events like training and online gatherings. Besides that, we have also interpreted for meetings with only a few attendants.

What should a client do when needing Wordsmith Group interpreting service?

Email us at or send us a message via WhatsApp at +6287882084104. We will go through your need and send you a quotation, then we will confirm the availability of our team of interpreters.

Can the Wordsmith Group team provide a supporting platform, should the event is online?

Of course. Should the event be conducted on a platform like Zoom, our service will include Zoom facilities, which cover the assignment of an admin and recording.

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